The Urban Tadka


Fresh Green Salad 250
Tossed Salad 350
Diced cucumber capsicum onion sundried tomato & lettuce tossed with homemade dressing.  
Caesar Salad  
Vegetable 350
Chicken 400
Caramelized Apple & Almond 350
Mediterranean Salad 400
Exotic grilled vegetable with feta cheese & tossed with vinaigrette.  
Greek Salad 400
With cucumber, kalamata olives, tomatoes, lettuce,peppers ,feta  
Russian Salad 400
Combination of carrot, beans, green peas, pineapple & potato dressed with mayonnaise sauce  


Tomato Dhania Shorba 350
Roasted Tomato Basil Soup 350
Cream of Broccoli 350
Dal Nariyal ka Shorba 350
Vegetable Clear Soup 350
Hot & Sour Soup  
Vegetable 350
Chicken 400
Sweet Corn  
Vegetable 350
Chicken 400


Dahi Ke Kebab 500
Hung curd patty with cumin, chili & ginger  
Bharwa Aloo Adraki 500
potato stuffed with cottage cheese &nuts marinated with Indian spices roasted in clay oven  
Corn Palak Tikki 500
Blanched spinach with corn kernels Tikki  
Ker Sangri ki Galouti 500
Dried ker & sangri melting kebab  
Vegetable Seekh Kabab 550
Minced green vegetable cooked in clay oven.  
Achari Paneer Tikka 550
cottage cheese enriched with pickled & Indian spices cooked in clay oven.  
Stuffed Mushroom 550
Button mushroom stuffed & marinated in cheese sauce, cooked in clay oven.  
Thai Vietnamese Roll 550
Vegetable wrapped in rice paper  
Potato Rosti 550
Swiss dish made with grated potato served with mushroom sauce  
Pahadi Chicken Tikka 650
Boneless chicken marinated in mint, yoghurt, lime with Indian spices.  
Tangdi Kabab 650
Three pcs tandoori marinated in tangy Indian spices cooked in clay oven.  
Schezwan Chicken 650
Crispy fried chicken tossed in tongue tickling sauce.  
Thai Basil Chicken 650
Chicken cooked in Thai style with hint of mint.  
Chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab 650
Minced chicken with mélange of aromatic spices.  
Mutton Kurkure Kebab 675
Minced lamb with a range of Indian seasoning and flavors  
Achari Fish Tikka 700
fish fillets marinated in assortment of spices  
Mutton Seekh Kebab 700
Cardamom flavored mince mutton slow cooked in clay oven.  
Vegetarian Kebab Platter 900
Assorted kebab marinated in Indian spices cooked in tandoor, served with mint and garlic sauce.  


Hakka Noodles  
Vegetable 450
Chicken 550
Fried Rice  
Vegetable 450
chicken/Egg 550
Crispy wok Fried Vegetable 500
Tossed with chinese sauce  
Paneer Chili 550
Cottage cheese fried with capsicum, onion, green chilly in chinese sauce.  
Vegetable Spring Roll 550
A small roll of thin pastry filled with vegetable  
Stir Fried Vegetable 550
In sweet and sour sauce  
Baked Vegetable 550
Exotic vegetable baked with cream cheese sauce.  
Cannelloni 550
pasta filled with spinach Riccota Cheese Mozzerella in basil and tomato sauce  
Choice of Pasta 600
Penne / spaghetti / fettuccini / fusilli  
With choice of sauces  
Alfredo / Neapolitan / Arrabiata / Pesto  
Chicken Spring Roll 600
Chicken Fried Rice 600
Chicken sauté with rice & cooked in Chinese sauce.  
Chilli Chicken 650
A fried tender chicken with Chinese herbs finished with onion capsicum chilly.  
Fish & Chips  
Served with tartar sauce and French fries.  
Grilled Fish 700
Sweet water fish served with lemon butter sauce.  
Grilled Chicken 700
Marinated tender chicken rosemary flavored served with red wine jus.  
Thai Curry (Red / Green)  
Vegetable 700
Chicken 800
Served with steamed rice  


Dal Tadka 500
Dal Makhani 550
Black lentils soaked overnight & cooked with tomato puree and cream.  
Aloo Gobi Adraki 550
Made of potato & cauliflower flavor of ginger cooked in indian style.  
Khmbh Makai Mutter 550
Mushroom cooked in creamy gravy with corn & peas.  
Sev Tamatar ki Sabji 550
Local delicacy  
Achari Baingan 550
Roasted & mashed eggplant cooked with chopped onion, garlic & tomato with indian spices.  
Baby corn Capsicum & Mushroom 550
Vegetable Jalfrezi 550
Vegetable cooked in a base of tomato sauce & chill, onion  
Mirchi Ka Salan 550
Soya Chaap 600
Served with roomali roti  
Aloo Makhanwala 550
Fresh potato cooked in rich tomato cream gravy.  
Paneer butter Masala 600
Kadai Paneer 600
Paneer Pasanda 600
Stuffed paneer enriched with indian gravy  
Malai Kofta 600
Cottage cheese balls stuffed with dry fruits, cooked in red / white gravy.  
Bhindi Do Pyaza 600
Okra cooked with onion and spices.  
Jodhpuri Aloo Pyaz ki Sabji 600
Potato & onion cooked in rajsathani style  
Egg Curry 650
Boiled egg cooked in indian curry  
Butter Chicken  
Boneless 700
Bone 750
Butter Chicken with Bone 700
Tandoori chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy with indian spices.  
Fish Curry 750
A soupy dish made by braising fish in a coconut milk with Indian spices  
Murgh Tikka Lababdar 750
Boneless juicy pieces of marinated chicken stewed in onion and tomato gravy and finished with cream.  
Mutton Banjara 800
Lamb cooked in low heat and simmer with local spices  
Nalli Nihari 800
A slow cooked mutton curry originates from Arabic world.  
Goan Prawn Curry 850
A tangy curry made using shrimp, a variety of spices and coconut milk.  
Mutton Roganjosh 800
Mutton simmered in aromatic curry  
Laal Mass 800
Tender lamb simmered in Mathania, yogurt, onion and local fragrant spices.  
Rajasthani Thali 1300
Dal,bati,papad churi,ker sangria,gutta curry,bajre ki khichdi, ghee,churma & kheer. Mewadi murg / Laal Mass.  


Steamed Rice 300
Aromatic basmati rice grown at the foothills of the indian valleys.  
Jeera Rice 350
Curd Rice 400
Basmati rice & curd cooked in south indian style.  
Khichdi 500
Combination of rice & lentil cooked in cumin seed with desi ghee  
Bajre ka Khichda 550
Pulao 550
Mix Vegetable / green peas / jeera.  
Vegetable Biryani 650
Basmati rice and vegetable flavored with nuts & raisins.  
Gosht Biryani 750
Mughlai cuisine made with lamb, basmati rice.  
Chicken Tikka Biryani 750
chicken marinated with indian spices cooked in the oven mixed with gravy and basmati rice.  


Roti/Naan/Missi roti/Paratha 100
Garlic Naan / Cheese Naan / Kulcha 125
Roomali Roti 150
Bread Basket 500
Choice 2 portions of three breads.  


Plain Curd 150
Choice of Raita 250


Rasgulla 350
Gulab Jamun 350
Deep fried balls soaked in sugar syrup  
Phirni Rose 350
An Indian rice pudding set in a shallow earthen dish  
Matka Kulfi 350
An Indian ice cream flavored with dry fruits & nuts  
Choice of Ice Cream 350
Vanilla / Strwberry / chocolate / mango  
Shahi Tukda 350
Deep fried bread soaked with sweet syrup and serve in chopped nut reduced milk.  
Kesar Kheer 350
Rice cooked with milk & saffron.  
Caramel Custard 350
Rasmalai 375
Cheese dumplings poached in sugar syrup and dipped in condensed milk and garnished with dry nuts.  
Chocolate Brownie 400
chocholate squares served with vanilla ice cream & hot chocolate sauce.  


Mineral water 100
Aerated beverage 150
Pepsi / Miranda / 7 up  
Butter Milk 150
Fresh Lime Water/Soda 175
Milk 200
Choice of Lassi 200
Sweet / Salted  
Tea / Coffee 225
Ice Tea 275
Preserve Juice 275
Orange / Mango & Mix Fruit  
Fresh Juice 325
Water Melon / Pineapple Juice / Seasonal Fresh Fruit  
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream 350
Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water 330 ml 400

All prices in rupees and exclusive of taxes.
Service charge is discretionary however recommended 5% is added to your total bill which is distributed to all our staff.

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